This 229th community
is an International  UH-1H “Huey” Helicopter Battalion flying the virtual skies of DCS.
 (Digital Combat Simulation)



The squadron started with a small group of 5 members representing Europe, Asia, and North America. At the present time we have grown to over 100 members, with about 20-30 members flying in the our dedicated DCS servers regularly.  We are now an International Battalion with three companies serving North & South America, All of Europe, and Asia. The idea is to have a group that's active 24/7 so you are never flying alone.



Our mission is to unite Helicopter enthusiasts from around the world and hopefully provide an experience of satisfaction, exhilaration and excitement while flying in a formation as they approach a hot LZ. We are constantly designing missions challenging our skills and providing hours of fun and excitement for all levels of flying experience. We have two actual Huey pilots who have spent time as instructors, as well as a current UH-60 BlackHawk pilot… all willing and available to train even the most novice helicopter pilots. You'll be flying like a real helicopter pilot in no time.


We do our best to emulate the 1st Cavalry Division, 229th Helicopter Assault Battalion as it was in Vietnam. We do this by assigning new members to one of the three troop transport companies: "A", "B", and "C". As you grow with us in flight skills and experience, you can request to join our other support companies, i.e. "D" Company who supports the transports with guns, and our Medical detachment company that supports our missions with Medevac services.



While we are a dedicated Huey squadron, we do fly all DCS modules and have plans to expand our squadron to include all modules in all our mission designs.