The one and only International Huey Battalion in the world.


229th Policies


Membership Requirements:

  • Minimum age 21.

  • A working headset and microphone

  • Minimal Joystick equipment, (input able to provide Yaw/Pitch/Roll/Collective (Throttle)

  • Head tracking Equipment (TrackIR or Similar)
  • The DCS Huey Module


If accepted, you will:

  • Gain access to the private sections of the 229th Website and forums.

  • Become a member of the 229th with XX Company (XX designated by your location).

  • Have full access to the 229th TS.

  • Have access to the 229th Dedicated DCS Server.

  • Be a Probationary Member for 30 days. After which time, probationary status is removed.



TeamSpeak Etiquette:

1. Manners.

     When entering a TS Channel, please verify that no-one else is speaking or the members are not:

o    In Flight… needing Tac comms.

o    In a meeting.

o    Having  a conversation, already in progress.

** Again, DO NOT Enter the selected channel without FIRST Listening for approximately 3-5 seconds.  It’s Common  courtesy.


  • Please DO NOT eat /drink/chew while on TS. We don’t like listening to you partake in one of life’s requirements.

  • Please do not argue in a busy  Teamspeak channel - If you have a problem with someone, move to another channel to resolve your problem.


2. Presence in TeamSpeak.
  • All 229th Pilots are required to be present in the TeamSpeak server during game-play. This includes the correct 229th Username / Call sign.

        Reason: This is to facilitate accountability of action, communication and enable the Admin staff to immediately recognize unauthorized personnel.

  • Constant rude behavior, rude comments or constant vulgar language will NOT be tolerated. These patterns of abusive behavior and language will not be tolerated and might be cause for discipline.

3. Absence and inactivity.
  • Pilots are required to avoid longer periods of online inactivity or absence when logged into the TeamSpeak server. After 30 minutes of inactivity, you will be reminded about it by a private message from the TS3Bot. After 45 minutes, the TS3Bot will move you to the AFK channel. A period of 60 minutes of absence or inactivity will have you removed from the server.   

 Reason: This is to further facilitate communication (remove absent people, who will not be approached for assistance or conversation), to lessen the strain on the TS3           server and to reduce the number of slots taken.





Promotions and awards will be handed out based on the following sorted principles:

a) Dedication

b) Attendance

c) Conduct

d) Teamwork

e) Performance


Leadership Positions will be assigned based on the following sorted principles:

a) Leadership abilities

b) Dedication

c) Teamwork




Once a member, consider doing the following:

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