The one and only International Huey Battalion in the world.


229th Code of Conduct

  • We hold our leaders and our members to the highest standards within the DCS gaming community. If you cannot commit to these standards, you should not apply to the 229th.

  • Members are representatives of the 229th and are perceived as such by other persons and organizations. A member's public conduct, good or bad, will be reflected on the organization as a whole.

  • 229th members will respect each other regardless of their age, gender, nationality, race, religious beliefs/creed, or sexual orientation.

  • Politics, religion and other potentially volatile topics are not to be discussed in open, public channels (TS server channels, Forum Topics’ & so on). This is to ensure that such topics will not offend our International membership and when conducted in private, everyone has a chance to bow out of discussion before the topic at hand becomes an issue for him.

  • 229th members will respect non-229th personnel in the same way as your fellow members.

  • All 229th members will respect and uphold their Chain of Command (COC) leadership roles as well as the COC leadership will respect and uphold their members.

  • Any and all language or content of an adult or offensive nature will not be tolerated, whether on voice or text communications (chat, forums, email etc.). Please keep your swearing to a minimum.

  • When issues or problems arise, we highly recommend that those issues or complaints (229th member or not) be dealt with personally and immediately. Members may raise any issues or complaints through their COC Privately through Teamspeak or PM. Please do not Post your issues on our forums. The member’s COC will forward the written issue or complaint to the next level of the COC if the issue/complaint cannot be resolved. The Battalion’s Commanding Officer’s decision will be final.

  • The 229th accepts all real life needs and commitments. We will not put any member into a decision between real life success and the needs of the 229th.

  •  If a member decides to leave the 229th for any reason, the decision will be upheld.